Our Philosophy

We do not believe people are cogs in a machine. They are all individuals, with unique personalities, circumstances, hopes and dreams. Over the last 140 years, we have prided ourselves on the ability to balance the needs of the individual with the competitive nature of our businesses. The stories below are by no means unique, and represent just a taste of our company culture.



Swee Poh

Starting as a young management trainee after graduation, she worked her way through various subsidiaries, to eventually become the group's leader. She always jokes that her C.V. looks very short, however she has worked in multiple companies & industries over her time with B.P. de Silva. "The constant learning through hard teachers, made me who I am. Opportunities to apply lessons in ways that have interested me is something I appreciate ."



Working as a car mechanic in his teenage years, Nimal Dissanayake gained a reputation as the guy who could fix anything. After a tour of duty as an officer in the Sri Lankan army, he joined B.P. de Silva as an engineer despite no formal qualifications. "I am grateful to Mr. Sunil who saw potential in me. Working with the subsidiaries, I have been able to make technical changes that I hope benefits all people. My job is something I really enjoy."


Khek Yin

An industrial designer with no experience in jewellery making, Khek Yin was taken from the polytechnic and given a rapid prototyping machine. Together with staff from the company, she managed a transition from traditional jewellery manufacture, to one that was digital in nature. "It always surprises me, how much the company wants to innovate in what they do."


Balage Porolis de Silva, our founder, believed in the value of philanthropy and the importance of appreciating success through the elevation of others. 10% of the group's profits are put into a fund that is used to benefit people at all levels. We have recently made a conscious decision to participate in the social enterprise and the impact investment space, to try and better use market mechanisms for social good. Over time, we plan to integrate these efforts more tightly with our subsidiaries.


If you are interested in exploring career opportunities with the B.P. de Silva group or our subsidiaries, please email us