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1872. Balage Porolis de Silva was nineteen years old when he stepped off a creaking Clipper ship and onto the virgin colony of Singapore. The handful of precious gems in his pocket lay the foundation for a charming white shophouse that bustled with high society and sealed his reputation as one of the finest purveyors of luxury goods in the Orient.

Amongst the glowing gold and sparkling stones, a wisp of steam gently floated from the spout of an elegant tea set. The sharp and delicate aroma would have flowed around the immaculate wooden furniture, slowly seducing the sense of smell. Balage had a reputation as a perfectionist, and that extended from every facet of a diamond he cut, to every cup of tea he served. 

B.P. de Silva's uncompromising vision and values continue to live on in his descendants and their unrestrained passion for tea.The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. marries incredible Singaporean heritage with original, innovative blends that will redefine what was previously thought possible in a humble cup of tea.